Paint Correction

Getting that perfect show-room quality look requires the services of paint correction specialist.

You won’t believe the results!

Paint Correction is the process of removing a microscopic layer of clear coat, to achieve a defect free mirror finish. This process removes swirls, light scratches, holograms, automated car wash damage, water spots and etching from bird droppings. Our goal is to always preserve as much of your original paint as possible.

Our true passion is paint correction! We safely enhance your vehicle’s appearance to a level of clarity that is like new, and in many cases better than new. We offer a wide variety of Paint Correction options and we have the tools and equipment to safely polish almost any size or shape of surface.

You will be choosing between 3 different types of Paint Correction packages that we offer. Each package has its individual steps and end result. If you are not sure which package you need for your new or used vehicle, please contact us to request a quote and we can answer all your questions and guide you to what would be the best fit for your vehicle.

Level 1 Paint Correction

A good option for vehicles that may need some spot compounding and a full polish. Primarily for white or silver vehicles that are brand new.

Please Allow 1-2 days for this service.

Level 2 Paint Correction

A better option for most vehicles as it includes compounding and polishing removing 75-90% of the swirls and scratches.

Please Allow 2-3 days for this service.

Level 3 Paint Correction

The best option for customers wanting the highest level of paint refinement that can safely be achieved.

Please Allow 3-5 days for this service.

Pull right into our inspection bay! We inspect your vehicle with lights in order to find defects, damage, previous body work and anything else that may need attention. We also measure your paint thickness with a paint meter in order to insure we can safely achieve your desired results. After learning about you and your vehicle we can then properly advise what option might work best for you. Then we provide a test a spot of the desired service you’re looking for so you can see exactly how the results will be on your vehicle.
Our standard level of protection that is included is the classic Sealant/wax method topped off with a Nano-Tech Ceramic Spray-on Sealant. You can add on ceramic coating for as little as $400 to really increase the gloss and longevity. Lastly, our paint protection film will last a lifetime providing the best swirl and scratch free finish available.
This is more of an art then slapping some paint over a chip to cover it up. We have been applying touch up paint for years and have tried every method and trick. We have our own propitiatory methods that we use in order to only fill in the chip where the paint is missing building up the level as close to factory as possible. We can also take this service further and sand the paint in order to achieve the must unnoticed look.
We work with only the best paint-less dent repair specialist in the city. They come right to our shop to provide a quote and provide the best quality services. Once this is done our paint correction can clean up the rest of the damage as if nothing ever happened.
This process is only used if your clear coat is thick enough. This is the most invasive way of removing deep defects but sometimes is the safest. We also use this to level out orange peel in the clear coat to get the flattest possible surface. Once this is done that is what gets the true mirror finish.
Our Paint Correction Enhancement process is one of the many reasons that makes us the go-to leader for Car and Auto Detailing Services in Des Moines Iowa.  Paint Correcting a vehicle is as much of a science as it is an art. The “art” of the prep is what produces the results. Prior to prep, our experts will analysis your paint to determine what level of paint correction, dent removal, scratch repair or “what if anything else” you need. Listed below are our steps that we use to produce a better than a show room shine!

Before We Apply The Top Coat

Believe it or not, BRAND NEW VEHICLES can have massive defects in the paint straight from the manufacturer. Not to mention when dealerships get the new cars, their prep work to get the car on the lot and then again when you purchase the car is where most of the new car paint damage comes from. Older cars will more than likely have some if not all types of damage to the paint such as deep swirl marks, scratches, dents, chipped paint etc..

Our Paint Correction Process eliminates upwards of 98.9 to 100% of all of these paint defects. Once we have gotten your paint looking like better-than-brand new, we need to know what type of protection you would like to seal your paint with.

We offer our standard Nano-Tech Ceramic Spray-on Sealant for our Paint Correction Services as well as an upgraded Ceramic Top Coat Coating.

We can help you decide based on your needs and budget.