Detailing Services
in Ankeny

When attention to detail is the only thing that matters!


The Hand Wash
We use the two-bucket method, rinses and waterless washes to get the exterior of your vehicle show room clean. Our process guarantees no swirls, scratches or marring of your paint.
We take extreme care on cleaing your emblems, water channels and crevices around your vehicle to remove all dirt and road grime.
One of the most important aspects of exterior vehicle detailing is the cleaning of your wheels and tires. We clean your wheel faces, barrels, and then we take it a step deeper and we clean your calipers and your wheel wells. Who does that? We do!
All of your inside door jambs front and back as well as your trunk jams are washed, cleaned and wiped down.
It may not seem like a big deal, but we even clean and polish your exhaust tips.
Clay Wash
During the wash process, we use a clay bar to exfoliate your paint of contaminates making your paint clean and smooth to the touch.
Have you ever washed and then dried your car just to have water dripping down the sides from your mirrors and crevices? Not any more. When we dry your car, its dry!
On to the good stuff. With our AIO Polish, we remove very light swirls in your paint to improve the overall gloss appearance.
After it is all said and done and we are happy with the result. We then seal it all up with our Nano Ceramic Spray Sealant. This locks in that shine and adds a whole new level of paint protection to the surface.
We clean all of your outer glass to a clean and streak free shine.
Tire Dressing
And right before you roll out of the shop, we apply a dressing to your tires which gives your tires a deep wet luscious superior shine WITHOUT the worry of the product sling on your outer paint. We also offer a matte finish.
Item Removal
We are extremely careful with cataloging, removing, bagging  and storing your stuff prior to our interior detailing. This step is done by two of our staff members to make sure what is removed is replaced.
Air Purge
We get in all the nooks, cevases, under, between seats, and all compartments. This gives us a chance to find any misplaced personal items so they can be returned.
Floor Mats
There are several types of floor mats. From vinyl, rubber, plastic or carpet, we use great detail and care when shampooing, steaming or vacumming them to make sure we thoroughly remove all dirt and grime the best we can.
Plastics and Vinyls
We wipe down all your plastics and vinyls in your car to restore them to a clean and lint-free state.
We take special care on all dashboards, vents, cup holders, center consoles and screens. We use steam, brushes, cleaners, conditioners and protectants to give you that fresh clean look.
Carpets and Fabric
All seats and carpets are blown out, vacuumed, pretreated with the proper solutions and steam/shampooed based on material.
We vacuum all your floors and trunks with special care given to all crevasse and compartments making sure its debris free.
UV Protection
We apply a Matte UV Protection to all vinyl that gives your car that brand new look. And what is even better is that there are NO oily residues left behind once we are done!
Leather Surfaces
When cleaning leather seats it is imperative to preserve the top coating of the leather as to not further diminish its life. We Clean deep into the grain of your leather to remove oils and dirt that has built up from use. Your leather is supposed to be a matte finish, not oily and glossy as these contaminate can prematurely break down your leather.
For those vehicles with leather seats, dashboards, door panels etc, we apply a special conditioner that helps to protect, renew and maintain your leather.
All windows, visors, and mirrors are cleaned to a streak-free shine.


Mustang, Corvette, Civic, etc.


Charger, Accord, F-150, etc.

SUV $450

Grand Cherokee, Explorer, Traverse, etc.


Expedition, Grand Wagoneer, Passenger Van, etc.